I’ll never be THAT mom – 10 Things I shouldn’t have said before becoming a mother

Before LB was born, there were a few things I was sure I would never do. Looking back, I’m not sure how I could be so positive I wouldn’t do these things, but I was confident I would never be that mom.

Want to know what they are? Well, for starters I shouldn’t have ever said:

1. “I’ll never ride in the backseat with LB while Cambre drives.”

Before I was a mother, I’d see other moms do that and think “Really? Your baby will be ok without you sitting right there.” But then I had a baby that generally hates being strapped in his car seat.. If riding next to him allows the car ride to be more peaceful for us all, then that’s what I’ll do.

2. “We’ll never co-sleep.”

I just didn’t think there would be a need in co-sleeping. I will sleep in my bed and he will sleep in his. But in those first couple of months on the nights when LB was only content in my arms, he slept on my chest while I slept in the recliner. I didn’t take into consideration how comforting listening to my heartbeat would be to him (since he’d been listening to it for the previous nine months).

3. “I’ll get right into working out.”

I figured I would start exercising pretty regularly shortly after he was born. I’d have baby weight to lose and surely I’d have time, right? I was no longer giving someone else 40 hours of my week, so surely I could squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise. I was right in thinking I wasn’t giving 40 hours to someone else, but what I was wrong about was that I am now giving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to my boy. I’m “on call” every minute of every day, and that is more draining than I first anticipated. {That being said, I am hoping to start exercising regularly soon…}

4. “I’ll still keep my house clean.”

Well if you haven’t got a good chuckle so far, surely you have now! I guess I just assumed that since I only have the one boy and he isn’t mobile yet, keeping my house clean wouldn’t be an issue. What I didn’t consider is the amount of time it takes to care for a baby. The days of the house being cleaned and the laundry being caught up all at the same time are long gone. Well, let’s be honest, they left somewhere in my third trimester.

5. “I won’t be that mom that talks to her baby as she walks through the store.”

I’d watched other moms walking through the store talking to and making silly faces at their babies. I didn’t consider that maybe that mom is doing her very best to keep her baby content while she races through the store grabbing things on her list. I always thought I would be too uncomfortable to coo and babble at my baby in public for all to see, but now that he’s here I can’t help but talk to him if he babbles at me or smiles at me. Who can ignore that cuteness?!

6. “I won’t be overprotective of him.”

I’d been around kids quite a bit before LB was born, so I didn’t anticipate hovering over him. But he’s my baby and now I want to wrap him in bubble wrap to avoid cuts and scrapes and sicknesses. Maybe it’s because I’m a first time mom and by my third (Lord willing) I won’t be as uptight. Time will tell.

7. “My baby will be on a strict eating and sleeping schedule.”

During my pregnancy I didn’t think for a minute that he wouldn’t get on a schedule. I believed a schedule would be helpful for us all. But my little LB had ideas of his own. He got here and demanded his meals way more often every three hours, so who was I to deny him? I also had to work really hard to get him to take naps at all and there are still days where he just refuses anything longer than a cat nap.

8. “Showering everyday won’t be an issue.”

I know, I know. We’re all laughing now. In my mind I figured with only one baby, I’d still get my showers in each day without too many problems. Well, that theory went out the window the day he was born. I will say that I do shower pretty much every day, but sometimes that’s about all I get done for the day and it may not happen until my husband gets home.

These last two are from my sister. Her kids are older than mine, so I thought it would be fun to see what she said she’d never do as a mom.

9. “I’ll never use candy or snacks as bribery.”

10. “I’ll never use my iPhone as a distraction.”

I guess the moral of the story here is that you have no idea what kind of mom you are going to be until you are one. One thing I’ve learned is that we’re all in this motherhood thing together and sometimes it’s better to try to understand where that other mama is coming from rather judging her abilities. We’re all learning as we go and doing the best we can.