First Comes Love

I met Cambre in my very first college class, Topics in American Literature, which we were required to take, and just so happened to be in there together. I thought of him as a friend and classmate, but nothing more. After that semester was over, we didn’t see each other much, but would always say hi when we did. I thought he was friendly and nice, but didn’t give him much more thought. He, on the other hand, gave me a lot of thought.

Two semesters and a summer went by without any classes together, but then I got a wild hair and changed my major to agriculture. I walked into my first agriculture class and sat down, not really knowing anyone. He walked in a few minutes later with a big smile on his face. He said hi and invited me to come sit by him. From there we became good friends. We worked on homework together (he was much smarter than I was) and even hung out a few times just for the heck of it. I really liked hanging out with him, but I had a boyfriend. A boy I shouldn’t have wasted my time on and regret dating. We’ve all been there, right? Anyway, Cambre and I continued to be really close for about a year or longer… then summertime came.

I went home for half of the summer and missed Cambre more than a girl “friend” should miss a boy “friend,” especially a girl that already had a boyfriend. I got back to school and couldn’t wait to see him. He was in my 8:00 am class on Monday morning. I was so excited to see him! He was still friendly, but a little more cold than usual. We went to work together that afternoon (we both worked on the school’s hog farm) and he was still a little stand offish. He’d made up his mind that he just needed to give up on me, but I’d made up my mind that I liked him! That week I barely talked to my boyfriend and spent a lot of time with Cambre. Not saying that is right, but that is what I did. I don’t think he really minded because when I said we were done, all he said was “ok.” That’s it. No big loss there.

We started dating very quickly and I think we can both agree we’d never been happier. Cambre was different in such a great way. He was extremely hard working, he was honest, and he was selfless. He taught me a lot and, without even realizing it, he pushed me to better a person. We had so much fun together and never got tired of each other’s company. We shared a love of country music, cooking, agriculture, the Lord, and just simple lives. He taught me everything he knows about farming and how to drive a tractor. I taught him how to wear khaki pants without pleats. We dated for about eight months before we were engaged, but we both knew a lot sooner that we wanted to be together always. I think deep down we’d both knew for a long, long time.