5 Things I’ve Learned Nine Months into Motherhood

Where does nine months go? It seems like just yesterday we were preparing the nursery and now I have an active little guy babbling and army crawling all around my house.

It’s hard for me to accept the fact that we are only three months away from his FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Yesterday was LB’s nine month birthday, and as we’ve been nearing this day, I’ve been reflecting on the things I’ve learned on this journey. I wanted to share them with you today.

1. You Will Change

Even while I was pregnant, I was slowly noticing changes in myself (not just the watermelon belly and gigantic swollen feet). After LB was born, major changes took place and continue to happen the farther into motherhood we go. Before becoming a mama, I wasn’t as patient, selfless, or have a “this too shall pass” attitude. Sometimes I see my sister and sister in laws handle situations and I think “wow! They handled that great…I don’t think I would’ve known to do that!” But then I try to remind myself, they’ve been playing the motherhood game a lot longer than I have and with each passing day, we gain new experiences and learn new lessons to helps us in future situations.

2. Everyone’s Parenting Experience is Different and Unique

Right before LB was born, some friends of ours told us to take everyone’s advice, but do what works for us. I didn’t understand that at the time, and thought “shouldn’t these things work for just about everyone?” And yes, I do feel dumb for ever thinking that! 🙂 There are so many factors into why we make the decisions we make. We kept LB in our room for seven months, while many parents move their babies out a lot sooner than that, but our reasoning was because of our house. His room stayed cooler than ours in the winter, so we kept him in with us until the weather warmed up. There isn’t a one size fits all approach – we just do what works for our family. We all have different levels of patience, different personalities, and different opinions of how things should be done. It doesn’t necessarily mean one way is right and the others are wrong, it just means they are different.

3. It’s OK if Things Aren’t Exactly as You Pictured Them to be

My baby won’t take a pacifier and doesn’t want to be rocked. I would l-o-v-e to rock him before naps and before bed. Try as I might, he just doesn’t like it, and that’s ok. Before he was born I looked forward to rocking him and bonding with him while rocking, but since he doesn’t want to do that, (little stinker!) I’ve had to adjust what I want to do. Now, before naps and before bed, I sing to him and read him a book or two. He still cuddles with me and I’ll still have sweet memories of him before he goes to sleep, it’s just not exactly how I pictured it to be. I’ve learned that it’s ok to make plans, but be open to changing those plans when things don’t go exactly how you pictured them.

4. Cliches are Cliche for a Reason

How many times do we hear “they grow up so fast!” or “they’re only little one time” or “time flies!” We hear those phrases all. the. time. Now that I have entered the mama club, I can fully appreciate them. They DO grow up so fast and they ARE only little one time. Last night on the way home from church, LB slept in his carseat and didn’t make a sound. This is new! He used to scream the entire drive home from church (or wherever we had been) and I had made up my mind that it was just going to be that way forever. But now, as quickly as that phase got here, it left {hopefully}. They are only little one time, and just as quickly as you enter one trying phase of parenthood, time will quickly take you into a different phase.

5. People Without Kids May Suddenly Puzzle You

Now that we have LB, I’m suddenly perplexed by people without kids. For instance, when people without kids show up late somewhere, I always wonder what their excuse was. (I’m not being judgmental, I’m just curious!) I mean, they didn’t have a tiny human kicking his legs and rolling around on his changing table thinking its a game. They didn’t have to wait on their child’s imaginary friend to get loaded in the car or gather up 5 different Mickey Mouses to take along. What do they do with all their time? What do they talk about? You know what I mean?

LB has brought so much happiness to our lives, and everyday I thank God for him. I’m blessed to be his mama, and I’m excited to watch him grow up. I’ve discovered motherhood is a learn as you go type of thing, so I’m excited (and nervous?!) to see what lessons I’ll learn in the days to come.