Things I Have Learned About My Husband Now That He’s a Dad

Parenthood changes you. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. Things that used to be important are no longer important. Things that you didn’t care about much before are all of a sudden precious luxuries. We’ve been parenting for a year now, and while we are no where close to being experts, I have learned several things about my husband now that he’s a dad that I didn’t realize before.

1. He really wants to be a good dad.

I know this seems obvious. Most guys want to be good dads. But now that I see my husband in this role, I see first hand how much truly cares about being a dad. He wants to be there for all of the ball games, to take us to church, to take LB hunting and fishing, and to be present in his daily life. I am so very grateful for that!

2. He can’t stand dirty diapers.

My husband does not have a clean office job. He works in hog barns all day and comes home smelling terrible. He is a farm guy and therefore has seen things some may consider to be gross, but when LB’s diaper is dirty his stomach turns. He’ll go ahead and change him if he needs changed (because he’s an awesome dad) but he will avoid it at all costs.

3. He has a different perspective.

Men and women are different. I want to wrap LB in bubble wrap, make him wear a helmet, knee pads, and protect him from every sickness and every injury. Cambre certainly doesn’t wish those things on LB, but he realizes he can’t protect him from everything. He realizes he needs to place his faith in the Lord to be LB’s ultimate protector. I realize that too, but I’ll admit that he’s better at doing it than I am.

4. He plays with LB differently than I do.

It’s so neat to me to watch Cambre play with and talk to LB. He always comes up with different ways to make him laugh and different ways to encourage him to try new things.

5. He realizes the importance of his role.

Going along with number one, he realizes the role of a dad. He knows that by simply being LB’s dad, he is setting an example for him, whether it be good or bad, and he gets to choose which one to be.

6. He’s just a big kid.

He knows when to be serious and I think he will be good at laying down the law when he needs to, but he is just a big kid himself. He loves to throw LB up in the air, make him laugh by doing a silly face, tickle his tummy, and play toys with him. As LB gets older, I’m sure Cambre will be just as excited about his new toys as he is! 🙂

7. He can’t stand a snotty nose.

Fortunately we’ve been blessed with good health the first year of LB’s life. He’s had a few snotty noses and ran fever during the summer, but other than that he’s been a healthy little guy and I am so thankful! The past week of so his nose has been running constantly and Cambre can’t stand it! He’s constantly wiping at LB’s nose and fighting him to get it as clean as he can.

8. He can do the “daddy dance” and put LB to sleep every time.

Little Mr. generally doesn’t like to rock and never has. He prefers to be walked around, and while some babies are content to lay their heads on your shoulder while you walk around, LB has to lay long ways across your arms to fall asleep, otherwise he’ll keep looking around. He doesn’t want to miss anything! I’ve never been able to walk him around to get him to sleep, but Cambre can do it every time. Sunday mornings during church he usually has to take the little man out to walk around for a nap. He does what I like to call the “daddy dance” because he even gets his hips into it and does a little bounce thing as he walks. Whatever works, right? 🙂

9. He really likes being LB’s buddy.

Me and LB are pretty big buds because we spend so much time together. When he gets tired, hurt or upset, generally he wants me. Sometimes he wants me just because. He also really likes Cambre too. Yesterday when Cambre got home from work, I was holding LB on my hip talking to Cambre and he started reaching out to Cambre fussing, wanting him to hold him! He didn’t get to see his daddy before he left that morning, so he was missing him! It’s so cute to watch their relationship grow and it puts a big smile on Cambre’s face each time he reaches for him. 🙂

10. He encourages me as a mother.

I’m so very thankful that he and I are on the same page about how we want our lifestyle to be. I’m beyond blessed that not only does he see the value of me staying home, but he also encourages me in this role. Sometimes mothers that stay home get labeled as being lazy, especially by those who love to work (like my husband), but he sees that what I am doing is work and he encourages me to do it well.

Sometimes it’s easy for us to overlook the good qualities in our husbands. Sometimes all we see is that they leave their dirty dishes on the counter instead of putting them in the dishwasher or that they didn’t put the diaper on the baby exactly like we do. The purpose of this post is to encourage to you to look past those little annoyances and take note of the wonderful qualities of your husband. My husband is not perfect 100% of the time, but neither am I! He looks past my short comings and continues to love me. I want to do the same for him. I love him so very much, and LB and I very blessed to have him.