Pattern Mixing Pillows

Lately I had been needing a change with the throw pillows on our bed. They just seemed boring to me, and I thought a new pattern would really change the look of our bed.

Pattern Mixing Throw Pillows

I also really want to practice my sewing skills, so a trip to Hobby Lobby for fabric was just what I needed! I bought two different kinds of fabric to sew slip covers for the throw pillows. When my mom and dad were here over the weekend, she helped me get started and I finished up the project yesterday.

The slip covers were really easy to sew, even of you’re a beginner, like me. I should have taken pictures of the process, but I forgot (bad blogger)! Basically we just measured the pillows and cut the fabric accordingly. Then, we brought up the long ends of the fabric to overlap in the middle. We hemmed the ends that would overlap, leaving an opening for the pillow to go into. We sewed up the sides, turned the cover to right side out, and stuffed in the pillows. Easy as pie! I also really like that I’ll be able to take these slip covers off and wash them if need be.

Throw pillows before
Pattern Mixing Throw Pillows – The Contented Wife Blog
Throw pillows after!
Pattern Mixing Pillows – The Contented Wife Blog

I’m so happy with how they turned out! I’m new to pattern mixing, so I was a little worried the patterns would just clash instead of compliment each other. After getting it all finished up though, I feel like they compliment…and if they don’t, just be nice to me and say they do. 🙂