Grateful for an Understanding Husband

I’ve really been off my blogging game lately. Between travel and sickness, I just haven’t been with it! Despite still being sick, I am overflowing with gratefulness and could probably write a new grateful heart post every day this week. 🙂 Today, however, I’d like to share why I’m grateful for an understanding husband.

This past weekend was opening weekend of deer season, so we were planning on leaving Thursday night to head to Cambre’s mom and dad’s house so Cambre could hunt there. He was going to bow hunt and rifle hunt and help his dad work on their basement. I mentioned to Cambre that if LB wasn’t feeling 100% maybe we should wait and leave Friday to give LB another night in his own bed. He typically isn’t a good traveler, so I wanted to give him another night of good sleep to hopefully kick his cold. Cambre was disappointed because he really wanted to bow hunt Friday night, but he understood and agreed to wait.

grateful-1Friday rolled around and it seemed like LB and I were both on the mend. We loaded up everything and headed to his parents house. We got there Friday afternoon and felt fine all day.

What to Expect for Second Time Moms – Five Tips

To kick off this series, one of my very favorite bloggers is going to be taking over my blog to give some general advice for anyone adding another little one to their family. Marie has five kids, two of which are twins, and every time I see that she has a new post, I always click over to read what she has to say. I love when she shares her perspective, since her kids are all older than mine. She has a knack for sharing her life in such a simple, uncomplicated way, and I love when she tells real life stories about her kids being kids. When you are done reading what she has to say here, click over to her blog and say hello!
Hi everyone, I’m Marie from Normal Everyday Life. I’m so happy to be guest posting on Chelsea’s series about adding a second child to your family. Even though it’s been many years, I can still remember how I felt those first few months taking care of two children, both under two years old!
Going from one child to two is a big transition. You may feel like you’ve just gotten a handle on this motherhood thing and now you’re moving into new territory.

5 Common Misconceptions of Stay at Home Mums

Before Christmas my husband and I were chatting with some good friends of ours at a birthday party. She is a stay at home mom and he works from home, traveling a few days a week. In his travels, he meets and works with people who… think differently than we think… I live in the Midwest, so let’s be honest – choosing to stay home with your kids is not necessarily a crazy idea. I’d venture to guess that we SAHMs are still a minority, but people seem to realize we aren’t crazy, mystical creatures that only leave our homes for grocery shopping and doctor appointments. (Although typing that out makes me realize that those two reasons, along with going to worship and seeing family, are my typical trips out! haha!)

ANYWAY, my friend works with a lady who does not stay home. This is her choice completely, but she was obviously baffled by the whole idea of women choosing to leave the workforce to stay home with their kids. As she went on explaining her bewilderment of stay at home moms to our friend, whose wife is a stay at home mom, she said she had heard of “one” who knits!