7 Things About Me

There is a fun little game going on in blog land where bloggers share 7 random things about themselves, nominate other bloggers and give a shout out to the blogger that nominated them. Last week I was nominated by Carolina from Mama Instincts. If you haven’t swung by her blog lately, do it! I can tell from what she writes she loves motherhood and building her home. I really enjoyed this post of hers, or this one.

I’ve done a few posts in the past where I share random facts about myself. You can read them here or here.

1. I love to craft, but I’m never completely satisfied with the way my projects turn out. They always look so much better in my head.

2. We don’t have cable, satellite TV, or netflix. And on top of that our internet is limited. I just don’t watch that much TV – I’m so annoyed with how much garbage is on there and it’s not even that entertaining.

3. I hate brushing my teeth. Don’t worry, I do it. I just hate it. I hate running the brush all around in my mouth with toothpaste foaming up. It was horrible when I was pregnant and nauseous all the time!

10 Things I Have Learned to do One Handed

Within the first hour of motherhood I came to the realization that I do not have enough hands. As I sat in my hospital bed trying to nurse LB for the very first time, the nurse told me “you’ll quickly learn that you need another set of hands now!”

10 Things I’ve Learned to do One Handed – The Contented Wife Blog

Truer words have never been spoken. Today I’d like to share with you 10 things I’ve learned to do one handed, with a baby on my hip, since becoming a mama. Please feel free to add to this list by leaving a comment! I’m sure there are MANY more things I’ve yet to learn. 🙂

1. Put on makeup, mascara specifically
2. Push a shopping cart
3. Vacuum
4. Fold clothes
5. Stir/cook
6. Eat
7. Brush my teeth
8. Type (hunt and peck)
9. Empty the dishwasher
10. Make the bed

Raising Family Oriented Children

I would consider myself to be pretty family oriented, especially now that I have my own. Unfortunately when I was a teenager I went through the typical “too cool” stage where my parents knew nothing, I wouldn’t be caught dead at home on a weekend night, and more time was spent with friends than family. When I moved (a whole hour away) to college I realized how blessed I was to come from such a wonderful family, who strives to please the Lord, truly enjoy each other’s company, and who, no matter what, will always love you and be there for you.

Although it still took me a few years to mature, it was around this same time that I started coming home on the weekends and happily spending Friday nights at home with my parents. Suddenly, they were cool. They had a funny sense of humor. They gave good advice. They had (have) an awesome marriage and their own little inside jokes. My, my how our perspectives change in just a few short years.

My wonderful parents.
Fast forward to now.

familyI crave family time with Cambre and LB, and with our extended families. Part of this is due to the fact that my love language is quality time, but part of it, I believe, is because my parents raised me to be a family oriented person.

A Nice, Refreshing Walk

I try to keep my posting to only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays here for two reasons: one being I don’t want to get burned out, the second being that it takes a lot of time to write and promote new posts! I set aside my own rules today and decided to go ahead and put up a new post on a Thursday. {Gasp!}

It seems as though my little man has been bit by the teething monster this week. Lots of drool, lots of chewing, and, of course, lots of tears. Not necessarily from both of us, but almost. After several days of this, this morning I decided enough was enough! We were going to go on a nice leisurely walk and enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been given.

Let me just tell you – it was the best decision I’ve made all week.

That walk did us both so much good. We strolled down our gravel road and didn’t see a single car or person during our hour long walk. We got to the creek, the place we where we generally always turn around, and it was rolling because of all the rainfall we’ve had. LB seemed to love the noise because he sat right up in stroller and looked out at the water.

A Few Thoughts on ME Time

Hey Mamas! If there is one thing that we can all agree on it’s this: nap time, bed time, and me time are three of our favorite things. Mess with any of those and things get off base real quick.

There may be disagreements on whether or not you should feed your baby conventional produce or organic, cry it out or not, working mama or stay at home mama, but we can all unite over our love for nap time, bed time, and me time. Amen?!

I didn’t realize the bliss of nap time for the first several probably six months of motherhood. LB wasn’t the greatest napper, so I didn’t know any different. Now that he is napping better, (hallelujah!) I can understand everyone’s love for this wonderful gift to parents.

Some days nap time can’t get here quick enough and as I watch the clock I see time crawling… “Come on 1:00!” Other days nap time creeps up on me and I almost forget about it. Notice the emphasis on “almost.”

That got me to thinking…why do I love and crave nap time, bed time, and me time so much?

Is it because I don’t want an overtired baby, so every second he sleeps is needed.

Tips for a Stress Free Birthday Party

This is my baby boy’s birthday week, so I’m giving you a fair warning now for any overly sappy, sentimental and birthday focused posts that may happen this week, either here on the blog or social media. I’m just not sure about this – On Thursday I will have a one year old, but it seems like he just got here!

8 Tips for Throwing a Stress Free Birthday Party – The Contented Wife Blog

We celebrated at our house Saturday afternoon with family and friends, and it’s hard to believe my first child’s first birthday party has already came and went. For the most part, I’m really pleased with how it turned out, but if I could do it over again, I certainly would! I wish I could say that the party went off without a hitch, we were relaxed, and enjoyed every minute of it, but that’s just simply not the case. The truth is, the party started over an hour late, we were still decorating when guests arrived, we were hot, we were stressed, and we were frazzled.

I want to spare you of any similar feelings of despair, so I have a few tips I learned the hard way that might just help you with your next party.

Grateful Heart – Sibling Edition

I’ve started out this week busier than normal, so I’ve been a little MIA from the blog. I’ve been running around in circles, but don’t have a whole bunch to show for my productivity. To top all of that off, I just wasn’t feeling very inspired to write a new post….That is until now! 🙂

Thankfully Emily keeps this linkup open all week long so I can join in on sharing my grateful heart. This week I’m grateful for my siblings and my husband’s siblings.
This is from Easter, I’m guessing 1993? Anybody jealous of my sister’s collar? 🙂
I come from a family of three and Cambre comes from a family of four. My brother and sister are both married, his sister is married, and one of his brothers is engaged to be married. We’ve got a rather large family and it is still growing! Even with all of the different personalities, interests, schedules, etc, we still all get a long. It really is a blessing.

My parents instilled family values in us as we were growing up and made sure we were a close knit family. We did everything together as a family. We ate dinner together, went to church together, went to each other’s events, and spent time together.

Things I Have Learned About My Husband Now That He’s a Dad

Parenthood changes you. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. Things that used to be important are no longer important. Things that you didn’t care about much before are all of a sudden precious luxuries. We’ve been parenting for a year now, and while we are no where close to being experts, I have learned several things about my husband now that he’s a dad that I didn’t realize before.

1. He really wants to be a good dad.

I know this seems obvious. Most guys want to be good dads. But now that I see my husband in this role, I see first hand how much truly cares about being a dad. He wants to be there for all of the ball games, to take us to church, to take LB hunting and fishing, and to be present in his daily life. I am so very grateful for that!

2. He can’t stand dirty diapers.

My husband does not have a clean office job. He works in hog barns all day and comes home smelling terrible. He is a farm guy and therefore has seen things some may consider to be gross, but when LB’s diaper is dirty his stomach turns.

Especially Grateful for Motherhood

Since this is Thanksgiving week, it is only fitting that I share what I am grateful for today. I could have a whole blog devoted solely to things that I am thankful for, but today I’m going to share just one.

Today I am especially grateful for motherhood.

Throwback to last year’s Thanksgiving – LB was only two months old!
I know we moms share our love for children quite frequently, but I’ve really been reflecting on the gift of motherhood this month. In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted near as much as I usually do. Rather than spending my time working on the blog, I’ve been down on the floor playing toys, watching my boy play, and watching how his little mind works. I’ve been taking my time rocking him for his afternoon naps and taking my time snuggling with him when he wakes up. I’ve been more intentional about keeping our home and speaking my husband’s love language (acts of service).

What I’ve noticed by doing all of these things and taking a time out from blogging is that I’m more relaxed. I don’t feel the need or the pull to crank out posts and promote them.

What We’ve Been Up To

Hello!! Remember me?? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?!

I had planned on taking all of last week off from blogging since we were going to be out of town and so busy, but I figured I would have time to write up a quick post for Monday. Didn’t happen. We all three have came down with sore throats and colds and blogging got pushed to the back burner. Cambre and I seem to be getting better, but little man seems to be getting a little worse. He’s not sick often, so when he is, I just hate it!

I’ve got a few minutes while he is napping, so I thought I’d give you a quick update on what we’ve been up to! Cambre was out of town the majority of last week for work, so I went to stay with my parents. We had a full week of family time and time just flew by. Fair warning – this post has a lot of pictures!

LB and I left on Halloween and trick or treated my mom at work. Then, we went to my grandparents house and waited for Cambre to meet us there. We took off again to go pick up his race packet (he ran a half marathon the following Sunday) and eat a bite of supper.