Just Another Reason Why Men Are Different Than Women…

I wanted to share with you just another short and sweet reason why men are different than women… 🙂

I witnessed this in my own home just yesterday.

Our dog, Rosie, has gotten into a bad habit of going to the neighbor’s houses each time she is out of her pen. I don’t think this bothers them, but it bothers us. We really don’t want her roaming around, but we hate to keep her penned up all day, everyday. We’ve been tying up her through the day and letting her loose in the evenings, when we are generally outside anyway. Since she’s been tied up, we have to watch her in case she tangles herself up, which she always does.

I looked out the sliding glass door yesterday to find Cambre like this:

You may be wondering…”What on earth is he doing?” Well, I wondered the same thing, so I went out on the deck to see for myself. Upon further investigation, I discovered he was untangling Rosie.

Here is where I realized yet another difference between my husband and I. It never would have crossed my mind to lean half of my body over the deck to untie a dog. The logical thing, in my mind, would have been to walk down the steps and around to the dog, untie her, and walk back up the steps. I have no idea what his thought process was on this.

One of my favorite parts of this story is that, he was on the phone the whole time! He does admit now that maybe it wasn’t the most thought out thing he’s ever done…