I Was Scared to Have a Boy

Even from the very beginning of my pregnancy I knew I would have a boy. I just knew it. We had a gender reveal party with family and friends, and even though we didn’t know the icing would be blue inside the cake, there was no doubt in my mind that it would be.

I would be lying if I said I was excited to see the confirmation of a boy when we cut into the cake. I was scared to be a boy mom.

I Was Scared to Have a Boy – The Contented Wife Blog

Boys are known for being rambunctious, loud, and fearless. I was scared for the amount of injuries I may see, the noise level in my house, the trips to the ER…

…But most of all I was scared he would grow up to not like me.

I was scared he would love me to pieces when he is young, but grow up to not need me, be embarrassed by me, move away from home as fast as he could, push me aside when he met a great girl, and lose interest in our mother-son relationship.

I Was Scared to Have a Boy – The Contented Wife Blog

This isn’t always the case, but so often we see families stick close the mother’s side of the family. They live close, they do more things together, and daughters are more inclined to call their own mothers, rather than their mother in laws, about various things. I just didn’t know if I could handle that. My love language is quality time, so how would I handle watching my boy grow up to become less and less involved with me?

{Overreaction to be thinking these things when my boy is still in his infancy? Possibly. I don’t deny that.}

My sister and I were having a conversation one day about our boys. We decided that we want to cherish them. We want them to know they are loved. I want my little man to grow up valuing family time. I want him to know he is a treasured member of our family!

I Was Scared to Have a Boy – The Contented Wife Blog

Shortly after our conversation, I had an epiphany.

It dawned on me that mothers and sons with good, healthy relationships will always have a special bond. Mothers always hold a special place in the hearts of their sons.

My grandma died of cancer two years ago. We all miss her, but I know my dad misses her deeply. During one of our talks he said “I just wish mother was here so I could talk to her about this and get her opinion.” Some of our friends recently lost their mom of cancer (way too early) and they miss her terribly. They are both married men who love their wives, but they miss their mom. I’ve also seen how my own mom’s role has changed between her and my brother. She is now an encourager to him, applauding him on being a good husband and dad.

The relationship and the bond may change, but mothers are always needed. I pray that I will adapt to those changes as they come. I pray that my son and I will always be close. I love him dearly, and I hope he knows just how much I want him to be a part of my life.