Grateful Heart – Sibling Edition

I’ve started out this week busier than normal, so I’ve been a little MIA from the blog. I’ve been running around in circles, but don’t have a whole bunch to show for my productivity. To top all of that off, I just wasn’t feeling very inspired to write a new post….That is until now! 🙂

Thankfully Emily keeps this linkup open all week long so I can join in on sharing my grateful heart. This week I’m grateful for my siblings and my husband’s siblings.
This is from Easter, I’m guessing 1993? Anybody jealous of my sister’s collar? 🙂
I come from a family of three and Cambre comes from a family of four. My brother and sister are both married, his sister is married, and one of his brothers is engaged to be married. We’ve got a rather large family and it is still growing! Even with all of the different personalities, interests, schedules, etc, we still all get a long. It really is a blessing.

My parents instilled family values in us as we were growing up and made sure we were a close knit family. We did everything together as a family. We ate dinner together, went to church together, went to each other’s events, and spent time together. I think all of those things really made us all appreciate each other and want to have a relationship with one another. I didn’t know my husband’s family when we were young. We grew up in completely different parts of the state, but it only seem reasonable that he was raised with similar values.

Too often we hear about families drifting apart as the kids grow up, get married, and have children of their own. This hasn’t been the case with our families, and I am so grateful. I genuinely enjoy their company, and I pray that it will always be that way!

Cambre and I have it as our goal to raise our children to be close knit as well. I want them to get along as they grow up and enjoy being together even after they are grown. Our siblings are some of our best friends, and I want my kids to share that same blessing.

Do you have a good relationship with your siblings? Why do you think that is?

PS – I’m also grateful for an understanding husband who didn’t complain when I bought a shirt today that I really didn’t need but liked a lot. 🙂