European League Suspended Due To Corona Outbreak

As the Corona pandemic is spreading throughout Europe, the Top-Level English and Scottish football have officially been suspended until April 3rd, the earliest. The outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid 19) hit Germany, Italy, and Spain so hard that the death toll keeps rising. The Football Association in the UK such as Premier League, FA Super League, and English Football League have come to the same conclusion to suspend the competition. Following the precaution after the continuous symptoms with Covid-19, this decision has been made to prevent the players and staff from becoming affected by Covid-19. Therefore, the self-isolating term is believed to keep everybody safe.

The big match between Manchester City and Arsenal in the Premier League has been suspended before the scheduled date on March 11th. This decision was taken as a precautionary measure after the owner of Olympiacos, Evangelos Marinakis, was positive with Coronavirus. He was tested after a few weeks he watched Olympiacos play at the Emirates Stadium. The UEFA announced the news on Friday 13 March that all the Europa League and Champions League scheduled for the next week are postponed. It means that the quarter-final draw will be postponed as well. Following the future of the Euro 2020, the UEFA has planned an emergency meeting on March 17 to see if the championship could go ahead as scheduled. 

Earlier in Italy, the Serie A games were canceled on February 22-23 due to the outbreak that happened in Italy. Inter Milan against Samprodia was one of the games that needed to be canceled. The sporting events had been called off by the advice from the Prime Minister. With Italy on lockdown, Inter Milan vs Getafe that was supposed to be held on March 11 had to be postponed. Following the outbreak in Spain, lockdown is currently happening in Spain too. All those games were postponed until indefinite time.

On the other side of the world, South Korea postponed its Korean K-League season. The AFC Champions League was playing the matches behind closed doors. We all know how bad the outbreak happened in South Korea. South Korea has become the 2nd country in Asia after China that have the high number of people infected by Covid-19. Due to the scale of the outbreak, China also postponed all the domestic leagues. This is believed to be able to push back the outbreak. Japan also did the same as the positive Covid-19 cases are increasing. 

The majority of the players and staff are highly likely to self-quarantine themselves. However, it is also a big deal for the clubs. The Covid-19 hit the financial condition so hard, especially for those teams that are not stable yet. With the leagues being postponed or possibly stopped for this season, there are so many aspects that need to be considered. This is what the EUFA is discussing too. This unstable condition is hard for the clubs and their stakeholders. Until this time, there is nothing that they can do about it. As the peak of the Covid-19 is not happening yet, the EU countries predicted that the peak will be around 2-4 weeks.

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