A Festive Weekend

This weekend was one of my very favorite weekends of the entire year. My little hometown has its annual Heritage Days Reunion, aka the Fall Festival, and my parents have a big get together at their house we call “Chili Fest.”

The Fall Festival is on Saturday and Sunday, with Saturday being the busiest day. When Cambre and I started dating I tried to explain to him just how big of a deal the Fall Festival is, but he didn’t believe it until he saw it. Our little town of about 1,300 people grows to about 50,000 over the weekend. Seriously. Craft booths, food vendors, tractors, and a few bands fill up the town square, hill, and around the mill. I love the festival so very much, but for some reason it wasn’t as fun pushing a stroller up and down a hill through hoards of people.

See what I mean? We watched the parade at 10:00 am then walked around for a little bit. It was hot. And there were a ton of people. And we had a stroller. And LB was done. So we left.

After the festival we headed back out to my parents house to help get the final things set up for Chili Fest. This is the tenth year they’ve put on Chili Fest, and there were 89 friends and family members there this year. It’s always something we look forward to every year! Chili Fest was cut a little short this year because the mosquitoes (or “mokeetos” according to my nephew) were thick. Even with Off sprayed on, we were swatting at mosquitos all night. I’ve never, ever been in my parents yard and had a problem with mosquitoes like we did that night.

My parents put a lot of emphasis on attendance of chili fest. My mom passes out bibs to the babies (because every year there are probably 2-3 new babies) that say “My First Chili Fest” and the coveted “5 Year Bowl” for attendees that have come for five consecutive years. This year there were 11 people to get the 5 Year Bowl!
My mom passing out a couple of 5 Year Bowls to some of our favorite people!
It was a lot of fun at both the Fall Festival and Chili Fest, but we have decided to make a few changes for next year. We’ve decided we are going to watch the parade in a more shaded spot, walk around the festival before the parade to avoid the crowd, and my parents are going to look into the mosquito situation to try to
fix that. If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of those boogers, send ’em my way!

My sister in law made my nieces the cutest little tutus to go with their chili fest shirts!
My brother’s friend had a fireworks tent this year, so he shot off fireworks to help celebrate 10 years of Chili Fest.
Photo credit to my sister!
I’m linking up with Emily for Grateful Heart Monday today because I was just so excited to be there for all the festivities over the weekend. We didn’t get to go last year because we brought LB home from the hospital the day before. Something about a two hour car ride and being away from home with a brand spankin’ new baby just sound fun. 🙂 I’m grateful for family traditions, old friends, and fun weekends.