7 Things About Me

There is a fun little game going on in blog land where bloggers share 7 random things about themselves, nominate other bloggers and give a shout out to the blogger that nominated them. Last week I was nominated by Carolina from Mama Instincts. If you haven’t swung by her blog lately, do it! I can tell from what she writes she loves motherhood and building her home. I really enjoyed this post of hers, or this one.

I’ve done a few posts in the past where I share random facts about myself. You can read them here or here.

1. I love to craft, but I’m never completely satisfied with the way my projects turn out. They always look so much better in my head.

2. We don’t have cable, satellite TV, or netflix. And on top of that our internet is limited. I just don’t watch that much TV – I’m so annoyed with how much garbage is on there and it’s not even that entertaining.

3. I hate brushing my teeth. Don’t worry, I do it. I just hate it. I hate running the brush all around in my mouth with toothpaste foaming up. It was horrible when I was pregnant and nauseous all the time!

4. On snowy days I always want to bake sugar cookies. My mom used to bake cookies with us on snow days growing up, so it only seems right to keep doing it! 🙂

5. Even though he drags them out as soon as he hits the floor in the mornings, I pick up LB’s toys just about every night. Waking up to a tidy house is a great way to start the day.

6. I have never in my life played a game of basketball. In fact, I’m one of the most unathletic people you’ll meet.

7. My husband and I are both members of the Church of Christ. Read more about my baptism here.

Be sure to check out these bloggers I am nominating!

Emily from Embergrey – Emily has that gift of writing exactly how she would talk…or at least it seems that way to me. It makes her seem so personable! Also, I love her linkup on Mondays, Grateful Heart Mondays. We live in a selfish culture, so it is always refreshing to me to see others stop for a minute and be grateful for the blessings in their life.

Cassie from Sage the Blog – First off, we live about an hour away from each other, so we’re practically neighbors. She recently got married, and I have been enjoying all of her wedding detail posts. I’m a new follower to her blog, and I’m looking forward to getting to know her better!

Marie from Normal Everyday Life – Ya’ll know how much I love Marie and her blog! I love the way she writes and how {it seems to me anyway} she is so down to earth, laid back, and that she just takes life as it comes. I love reading her posts because it gives me a glimpse of what life may be like when my child(ren) are older.

Amanda from Burlap and Babies – Amanda and I just stumbled across each other pretty randomly, but I’m so glad we did! I’m new to her blog as well, but I’ve really been enjoying it! She is a soon to be mom, and I’m so excited for this next chapter of her life.