Monthly archives: October, 2016

My dream house

If you follow very many people on Pinterest, you’re bound to come across several boards titled “Dream Home” or something similar. These boards are filled with pictures of extravagant houses on picturesque landscapes with interiors that look like they came straight out of a magazine. Now, I realize for some people, this is real life. Houses like that are not completely out of reach, but for me, that isn’t real life. After our recent move with Removals London moving company, I realized I would be completely kidding myself if I were to believe someday soon my husband and I would be living in a mansion.

removal company

Please know I’m not condemning those that have Pinterest boards such as these, but it has got me to thinking… What does my dream home look like?

moving home

It’s definitely not this house!
Well, for the most part, I try not to focus too much about it’s physical appearance, but rather what goes on inside of it. I enjoy home decor, crafting, and making my home comfortable for my family just as much as anyone else, but I also believe it takes more than four walls to make a house a home.

If I could build my dream house, it would look something like this:

// Family suppers around the table

// Children laughing and playing with toys

// Family movie nights with homemade pizza on the weekends

// Life lessons being taught and learned

// A happy husband coming home from work each night, full of hugs and kisses for us all

// Busy Sunday mornings getting everybody dressed and ready for worship

// Birthday parties

// Family and friends coming over for supper or just to visit

// Playing outside in the summer

// Drinking hot chocolate in the winter

// Seeing my husband teach my son about working on the farm, build things out of wood, or fix things

// My husband and I making decisions together, working through problems together, and loving one another’s company

// Praying as a family, both before we eat and anytime it’s needed/wanted

// A kitchen where all of our family meals are cooked

And as time goes on, I’d like my dream house to look like this:

// Kids coming home from college on the weekends

// My grown up children staying up late laughing and talking

// Lazy Sunday afternoons sitting out under a shade tree

// Kids bringing home future husbands and wives

// My husband and I being told we’re going to be grandparents

// All of our children and their spouses genuinely enjoying each other’s company

// Baby sitting our grand kids so their parents can have a date night

// Holidays as a family

// Normal conversations turning into spiritual talks

… And that is just to name a few!

How to Distress Furniture Using Vaseline

I love painting and redoing furniture. I love taking something that may be out of date, out of style, or broken down and making it useful again. Repurposing is what the kids call it these days.

It’s a fun hobby, but one that I can’t do all the time because, because we only have so much room in our house for furniture. We were at an estate auction earlier this summer, and I bought this cabinet for just $7.00. I couldn’t think of a place for it in our house at the time (and I still don’t know what to do with it), but I hope to have a different house one day and put it to use then. Side note: I don’t like buying things, no matter how cheap they may be, without having a use for them right away. I think buying things just to buy them, in hopes of using them one day, is a bad idea! However, I went against my own rule this time and bought the cabinet.

Over the weekend I decided to paint it, and I’m happy with how it turned out. This was the first time that I had used Vaseline to distress, and it is much easier than I thought it would be!