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Then Comes Marriage

Cambre and I went fishing one night and were having fun just sitting and talking, waiting for the fish to bite. He asked me to go get a jig out of the tacklebox, and although I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for, I figured I’d be able to pick it out once I got there. I hopped up, walked over to his truck and opened the lid to the tacklebox. I didn’t see any fishing equipment, but instead I saw the most beautifully written poem I’d ever read. Once I finished reading, I turned around and saw him on his knee with a gorgeous ring. He asked me to be his wife and I immediately said yes! We were so happy and excited, and had no idea what we had just agreed to do! 🙂

We were engaged for just under a year before we tied the knot at the same place we were engaged. We spend our engagement living in separate states while he trained for his job and I finished school. It wasn’t ideal, but we made the best of it. He came to visit every weekend and we talked on the phone all the time.

After our wedding, we moved into our house together and set up our home.

Then Comes Baby

It was a cold January day that I found out I was pregnant. I had that day off work and had all day to myself to let this news really sink in. Even though we had prayed for this baby, I was still shocked and overwhelmed that I was going to be a mother. When Cambre got home that night I shared the good news with him. He was beyond excited! For some reason, even from the very beginning, we all predicted this baby was a boy.

Our little man was born and our lives were forever changed! What a difference a baby makes to your life. No matter how much you have read or are around kids before you become a parent, I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for what you are about to experience. A baby brings new challenges, new joys, new fears, and new conversations. Speaking of new conversations, until my boy was born, I don’t think I’ve ever talked about someone else’s poop as much as we have to talk about his. Am I right?

We knew early on that having me at home would make this transition into parenthood the easiest. I would rather sacrifice my income than sacrifice the daily highs and lows of being a mama.

First Comes Love

I met Cambre in my very first college class, Topics in American Literature, which we were required to take, and just so happened to be in there together. I thought of him as a friend and classmate, but nothing more. After that semester was over, we didn’t see each other much, but would always say hi when we did. I thought he was friendly and nice, but didn’t give him much more thought. He, on the other hand, gave me a lot of thought.

Two semesters and a summer went by without any classes together, but then I got a wild hair and changed my major to agriculture. I walked into my first agriculture class and sat down, not really knowing anyone. He walked in a few minutes later with a big smile on his face. He said hi and invited me to come sit by him. From there we became good friends. We worked on homework together (he was much smarter than I was) and even hung out a few times just for the heck of it. I really liked hanging out with him, but I had a boyfriend. A boy I shouldn’t have wasted my time on and regret dating.

5 Things I’ve Learned Nine Months into Motherhood

Where does nine months go? It seems like just yesterday we were preparing the nursery and now I have an active little guy babbling and army crawling all around my house.

It’s hard for me to accept the fact that we are only three months away from his FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Yesterday was LB’s nine month birthday, and as we’ve been nearing this day, I’ve been reflecting on the things I’ve learned on this journey. I wanted to share them with you today.

1. You Will Change

Even while I was pregnant, I was slowly noticing changes in myself (not just the watermelon belly and gigantic swollen feet). After LB was born, major changes took place and continue to happen the farther into motherhood we go. Before becoming a mama, I wasn’t as patient, selfless, or have a “this too shall pass” attitude. Sometimes I see my sister and sister in laws handle situations and I think “wow! They handled that great…I don’t think I would’ve known to do that!” But then I try to remind myself, they’ve been playing the motherhood game a lot longer than I have and with each passing day, we gain new experiences and learn new lessons to helps us in future situations.

When Did Motherhood Become Competitive?

How many times have we heard and said “I feel like a bad mom because I’m not making all of the crafts on Pinterest and cutting my kids sandwiches into heart shapes.” Why are we so focused on what we’re not doing rather focusing on all that we are doing? Why do we do this?

When I look back on my childhood, I am reminded of my mom taking time to be present in our daily lives. During the summers, when school was out, she would make a list of chores and have my brother, sister, and me play several games of Uno. Whoever won the most games got to pick which chores they wanted to do first. She didn’t just hand us our list of jobs to be done, but instead she made it fun. We have good memories of doing housework together because chose to take 30 minutes out beforehand and play a game.

And you know what? She didn’t have Pinterest to give her ideas!

comparisonI guess my point is this: We all do things for our kids they will always look back on and remember. So those moms on Pinterest are crafting and cooking with their kids?

We All Need a Savior

‘d like to start a series of bible studies on Tuesdays, and since I’m putting it in writing, hopefully I’ll stick with it! The topics I would like to post about are rather simple, but I believe they are often overlooked. If we dwelt on “the basics” of the gospel, perhaps we would be more inclined to dwell on the eternal things, rather than the temporal things of this world.

Anyone who has ever lived on this earth (except for Jesus) has sinned. That includes Mother Teresa, the Pope, Ghandi, and any other person our culture seems to elevate. Do we realize that sin separates us from God? Do we realize that to be separate from God means to be lost? Do we realize that to be lost, that means to be lost eternally?

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”
Romans 3:23

Without a savior, we are lost. Wondering on this earth, with no real direction. Living for ourselves and slaves to sin. It’s an empty feeling. Worry and anxiety fills our minds. You may be a “good,” moral person, but without a savior, you are a sinner. You may love your spouse, your kids, and be a productive member of society, but without a savior, you’re lost.

The Five Love Languages

If you’ve read my past couple of posts or follow me on Instagram, then you know I’ve been somewhat obsessed with The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman for the past week. I was walking through Hastings and just happened to see it on a table. I’ve heard so many great things about it, so I picked it up.

“The problem is that we have overlooked one fundamental truth: People speak different love languages.” -Gary Chapman

The first couple of chapters he spends some time explaining the need to learn and speak our spouse’s love language, the idea of the “love tank,” and the “in love” obsession.

“I liked the metaphor the first time I heard it: Inside every child is an ’emotional tank’ waiting to be filled with love.” -Gary Chapman

Then he explains in detail each emotional love language (Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch). The stories of couples he’s counseled in the past were so helpful in determining mine and Cambre’s love languages. Once we determined that my love language is quality time and his is acts of service, so many things clicked! We’ve been happily married for three years, but after reading this book I feel like our future is even brighter.

Learning to Let Him Lead

The other day I was talking with my sister about various things going on in our lives and various decisions we’ll have to make in the future. Our conversation turned to the fact that sometimes we don’t always agree with our husbands on these decisions. (I realize I’m being fairly vague, but really, what we were talking about isn’t the point.) What do we do when we don’t agree? It’s tough.

Letting Your Husband Lead – The Contented Wife Blog

My husband and I agree on most all of the big life decisions – good thing considering how we are married and all. I feel like we really work together in our life and talk things through. If we don’t agree right away, many times after a day or two we revisit the conversation and we can see each other’s point of view. If that doesn’t happen, though, it’s hard. I hate disagreeing with him.

My sister and I ultimately agreed that when these situations arise, we have to let our husbands lead.

We, as wives, are called to be in submission to our husbands. That’s right, I said the “s” word. Our society tends to shy away from submissive wives, but I believe that’s due to the fact that it is a misunderstood concept.

I Was Scared to Have a Boy

Even from the very beginning of my pregnancy I knew I would have a boy. I just knew it. We had a gender reveal party with family and friends, and even though we didn’t know the icing would be blue inside the cake, there was no doubt in my mind that it would be.

I would be lying if I said I was excited to see the confirmation of a boy when we cut into the cake. I was scared to be a boy mom.

I Was Scared to Have a Boy – The Contented Wife Blog

Boys are known for being rambunctious, loud, and fearless. I was scared for the amount of injuries I may see, the noise level in my house, the trips to the ER…

…But most of all I was scared he would grow up to not like me.

I was scared he would love me to pieces when he is young, but grow up to not need me, be embarrassed by me, move away from home as fast as he could, push me aside when he met a great girl, and lose interest in our mother-son relationship.

I Was Scared to Have a Boy – The Contented Wife Blog

This isn’t always the case, but so often we see families stick close the mother’s side of the family.